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Project Management VS General Contracting

Project Manager (PM)

Role and Responsibility

A Project Manager acts as a manager for the owner or client. They are responsible for overseeing the entire construction project on behalf of the owner.

Project Planning and Design

PMS are often involved in the project from its early stages, including planning, design, and pre-construction phases. They provide input on project design and cost estimation.

Subcontractor Selection

PMS may help select subcontractors and vendors, but they do not typically perform construction work themselves.

Risk Management

PMS manage risks, including scheduling, budgeting, and quality control. They ensure the project stays on track and within the defined parameters.

Cost Control

PMS work to control costs, monitor budgets, and provide cost estimates. They may also negotiate contracts with subcontractors.

General Contractor (GC)

Role and Responsibility

A General Contractor is responsible for the physical construction of the project. They execute the construction work, managing subcontractors, labor, and materials.

Project Execution

GCs are primarily involved in the construction phase. They coordinate and manage the day-to- day construction activities, ensuring the project is built according to the plans and specifications.

Subcontractor Management

GCs hire and manage subcontractors, suppliers, and labourers. They are responsible for the construction work and may self- perform some tasks.

Risk Management

GCs are concerned with on-site risks, safety, and quality control. They work to deliver the project on time and within budget but are often not involved in early project design decisions.

Cost Control

GCs focus on controlling costs related to construction activities. They ensure that the projectis builttomeetthe design specifications.

Together, let’s turn visions into blueprints, and blueprints into legacies.

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Pros and Cons

It's a common misconception that project management services are more cost-effective than general contracting services. In reality, you still need to hire contractors, and timelines can often surpass expectation.

General Contracting Services

Fees and Structures

Project Management Services

Fees and Structures

Expertise-Driven Designs

With a team of seasoned architects and visionary designers, every design is a blend of art, science, and unmatched expertise.

Collaborative Approach

Your input is invaluable to us. We prioritize your feedback at every stage, ensuring the final design resonates with your vision.

Futuristic Perspective

Our designs aren’t just about the present. We incorporate elements that are future-ready, ensuring longevity and adaptability.

Holistic Solutions

From understanding local regulations to integrating sustainable practices, our design approach is comprehensive and thorough.

Tailored to Needs

We recognize and respect individuality. Every design solution is tailored, ensuring it aligns with specific needs and preferences.

Technology Integration

Utilizing the latest design tools and software, our designs are precise, detailed, and in sync with modern requirements.

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